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East Coast Newbie

On the evening of July 3rd and the morning of July 4th, I’m anticipating on joining the community within the Riverview Historic District.  I’ll be permanently moving, cross country, from central Pennsylvania (11 hours).  My journey of finding and establishing a career in Kankakee-involves a story for another time.  Everything came to be from a trip I took to Haiti.

After flying back and forth multiple times, looking for housing..finding a home within the Historical District was last on the homes shown by my local realtor.  Seeing the River from the yard, and the park down the street, my eyes were set!  Location is key, but I feel that the community is also very active with an outdoorsie-like atmosphere.  That’s particularly important, as I’m leaving the mountains, friends, and family, all in PA, and calling this my new home.

I don’t have much to offer, but I invite those willing to lend a hand or to simply greet and converse as I move-in during the July 4th holiday weekend.  I’m excited to develop new relationships and look forward to the next weeks and months to come!

If you see him around, my 5 year old Hungarian Vizsla is named Hunter!  Hailey, from Minnesota, may be joining me in a year or so, after schooling.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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