Blabbing on the Blog!  Oh Boy!  Here’s our chance to blab in writing, rather than just on neighborhood walks!  This will be OUR blog to blab on….just remember, the world will be watching.

Got some questions about neighborhood events, practices?  Just post them here and see what comments arrive.  Want to know who can help with gardening, window washing, etc.?  Just post it.

Want to know what I am making for dinner?  Really?  NO!  Let’s not.  DO post a favorite recipe,a trick for quick clean ups of any kind or good deeds.Yes, it’s OK to brag and boast about the wonders you see and witness in the neighborhood.  If you use names, please let those folks know BEFORE you post.

Ready, set, go BLAB!  No Babbling!

The RHD board reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit.

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