History from 1901 to 1950

Decades of change.frank lloyd wright kankakee home
The first 50 years of the twentieth century began with the death of Queen Victoria. This period saw much change: electric trolleys succumb to the automobile; women became able to vote; prohibition came and went; we lived through two world wars and the dawning of the atomic age; we became entertained by radio and television.

The City and County of Kankakee saw tremendous growth in business and residential populations. Even in this early period some of the old graceful houses were leveled for modern structures and the building of infrastructure. Many factories were built to produce product for the Sears, Roebuck and Company.

Many of the homes in what later became the Historic District area had already been built by 1910. Riverview became well known for the fine houses and were mostly safe from demolition. The addition of two Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes helped to cement Kankakee’s reputation for fine architecture and craftsmanship. In 1916 the Kankakee Country Club was established along the river at the east end of the Riverview neighborhood and was a major development in the District.

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