As a result of much dedication by a group of local residents the Riverview Historic District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

The Riverview neighborhood sits on the banks of the Kankakee River. A portion of the Historic District was the grounds for the luxurious Hotel Riverview. The hotel was a favorite destination for local and Chicago society. It tragically burnt to the ground in 1897 making the land available for development into a neighborhood of finely crafted custom built homes for the movers and shakers of Kankakee. Riverview was born.

Beginning with the early 1860s Riverview has had an amazing time line of glory days, tragedy, and a renaissance. It is our hope that the Riverview Historic District can be a leading force for historic preservation, building community and infusing pride into the City of Kankakee.

Kankakee’s come back
In the late 1980’s several prominent homes from 1880 – 1900 period were purchased, renovated, and returned to their former glory as single family homes. These resurrection projects became the catalyst for preserving the historical structures and for the growing pride of the Riverview neighborhood. In 1986 a group of Riverview residents took it upon themselves to lead an effort to establish the Riverview Historic District. On August 22, 1986 the Riverview Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

With the turn of the millennium the Riverview Historic District saw an influx of new residents. Many were returning from college elsewhere to start their families in the neighborhood of their childhood memories. Other new residents were discovering the amazing value of residential property in Riverview and moved from the Chicagoland area to Kankakee, which is only a short 60 minute drive from Chicago’s Loop.

In recent years the Riverview Historic District has become an exciting community of engaged residents sharing pride in their distinct homes and charm in an area that has become an anchor for the revitalization of the City of Kankakee.

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